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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27220 December 13 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27220



After broadcast, see radio DJ quietly threatened JEOPARDISED
Ancient character tipped three times to become king ETHELBERT
Beat time in the end for American singer TANAGER
Copy of Times __ I hesitate to say old Times XEROX
Cricketer’s support to decline leg slip
Ducks gunshot fired NOUGHTS
Fair point! OBJECTIVE
Female head vacating unpopular post? PAM
Fluff caught in back of the hoover, first of all BOTCH
For Kaiser Wilhelm I, men bringing fabulous flower ICHOR
Freudian concept, as espoused by fellow German philosopher HEIDEGGER
Irish county taking odd returnees from Sligo jail LAOIS
Light blue trousers to wear away SKETCHY
Message to divulge verbally sometime TELEX
Not quite sufficient grounds for consuming dull, starchy food BASMATI
Old US soldier sees little point apprehending old woman MINUTEMAN
One pondering wet-rot a tidemark shows having returned MEDITATOR
Pick up new rating NAB
Pitcher: you must stop second home run SHYER
Print taken from court by policeman on duty __ case dismissed WOODCUT
Producing pants soldiers must wear having just finished washing? out of breath
Result of being not prepared to back away? WAR
See red and green lasso flying around ring lose ones rag
Seriously wound up one in US resort MIAMI
Sign for the staff meaning rent has been reduced tenor clef
Six pound fifty in change? SPONDULIX
Theologian seeing beyond a child of five AQUINAS
Vanilla ice, shrinking by degrees BASIC
Warning to post-holder sporting odd bonnet do not bend
Watering more seeds planted in a row TEARIER
What’s the most common feature of selfless relative? SIS
Wrongly interpret notes: study’s genuine MISCONSTRUE