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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27224 December 18 2018

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27224
Clues Answers
Aim to capture river creature from Asia goral
Always note extremely wide female everywhen
Amusing or silly fool IGNORAMUS
Big growth in naval architecture LARCH
Can I get round Exchange Rate Mechanism limits? TERMINI
Colliery with tons for power __ this carries a modest bill coal tit
Company invested in mine that’s a feature of Honiton? PICOT
Decorate cricket team getting in key runs ENGARLAND
Figure out number leaving hell INFER
From the beginning of the season offer game course NEWMARKET
Gaoled frequently, I am free finally at the last moment in the nick of time
Genderless term the Irish must abandon to some extent THEIR
Grass: some caught in middle section of besom ESPARTO
Herb jelly covering slices of bread GROUNDSEL
I avoid returning during deadly epidemic __ it’s not good for me PESSIMIST
Irritable and childishly ill-behaved, destroying book RATTY
Mind corn regularly vanishing during scatter? Here’s the answer SCARECROW
Mutating algae form plants large enough to see MEGAFLORA
Not out and batting before wickets? INDOORS
One can’t know the reason votes aren’t being counted theres no telling
One very important obstacle for skiers MOGUL
One who boxes up gutted porgy fish GUPPY
Prompt to include a rest REMAINDER
Raucous number’s the finale of “Company” NOISY
Sailor, I would add, has turned up fish SPRAT
Shut up about regularly full prison system GULAG
Source of power of family groups, mostly Conservative GENERATOR
Suffering nurse left in high dudgeon RESENTFUL
Trouble at airline among other things inter alia
Turned pink and then turned into something darker rosed