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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27236 January 1 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27236
Clues Answers
Agent in male clothes MINISTER
Ancient orcas swimming across the Pacific, say? TRANSOCEANIC
Around America, a large body of water diverted AMUSED
Blown, three sheets to the wind WASTED
Body like that shouldering rock TORSO
Change required around odd parts of Antrim — might this be tried? PATIENCE
Chicken like a canary YELLOW
Cordial communication ultimately distributed in plate? iron-clad
Crew from the galleon, all at the bottom MEN
Design one has to beat TATTOO
Drinking one huge quantity of wine, fair to drool SALIVATE
Exercise hard, a cheek aloft PILATES
Figure you grind down THOUSAND
Force in liquid, bottling a drink cafe noir
Going topless, flesh to put away? EAT
Identify a report in story that may be panned by Italians? TAGLIATELLE
In hostile environment, soldier that’s whipped in France? CHANTILLY
In sheets and blankets etc, not as much being darned BLESSED
Journeying afar, vaster place to tour around space travel
Losing tie, I’m sorry to have got involved BEHIND
Measure of his work written with determination, mere poet william blake
OK swimmer keeping in trim, doing the backstroke? RATIFY
One warmed by this retrospective poem, stay FIRESIDE
Operative relocating us, a girl needing Charlie to fill in SURGICAL
Perfect situation, part equally distributed served up IDYLL
Podgy middle in sight STUMPY
Sculptures possibly in bronze material TARTAN
Undertake something to chew on, stuff on a programme DOCUDRAMA