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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27238 January 3 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27238
Clues Answers
Against crew changing direction without a second glance? on sight
Analyse a singular state ASSAY
Apprehension from last character that is returning to crack safe SEIZURE
Barren wife deputising for husband in expedition WASTE
Better medic with peculiarly regal bearing GAMBLER
Charge double, initially, for forage FEED
Concession that man’s pocketed in republic FRANCHISE
Continually blocking grant to youngster in form LEVERET
Courageous chap’s end providential PLUCKY
Crowd on balcony when faithful audience is catered for god slot
Doctor gets our compound __ here in US, perhaps drug store
Energy-filled, unrestrained exercise WIELD
Fish cut up with great force PILCHARD
House maybe trades gold WINDSOR
Leave old mate with distress EXEAT
Mac’s strength of spirit added to general excellence WATERPROOF
Marine vehicle driven to port by a learner NAVAL
Mentioning task for second examiner? REMARKING
Momentous contest well-nigh complete EVENTFUL
Puts down free oyster cards, taking car out DESTROYS
Raised e-cigarette’s casing following blunder GAFFE
Return of goods __ deficiency ultimately unclear FOGGY
Sort of tale that’ll keep you in stitches? YARN
Spooner’s secured location, in a few words sound bite
Tail-enders in the marathon put a strain on all runners ENTRY
Territory bordering a pole, oddly? LAPLAND
Thrillers incorporating papers women left behind WIDOWS
Victor commanding guards, impossible to pass IMPERVIOUS
Went out with clean 5 across from timberyard SAWDUST
Why a note goes astray in transit? on the way
Wild rave a politician’s caught in RAMPANT
Yankee on drug adopting Republican line, roughly HARSHLY