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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27239 January 4 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27239
Clues Answers
Axe poet describing Irish corn cutter CHIROPODIST
Beachwear, sort of umber __ unusual sort bermuda shorts
Chaperone in Madrid expected lady to come back DUENNA
Check pink revised version REINCARNATION
Cool leftie is upright person with confidential info INSIDER
Crank primarily collects money in Morecambe ECCENTRIC
Crew’s long hair cut MAN
Family owns a housing society in African capital KINSHASA
Fan drier controls damp in odd places ADMIRER
Fashion model assuming a Republican title EARLDOM
Forecaster said supporting vineyard’s a severe test CRUCIBLE
Gambler showing improvement BETTER
Grave, sort of square old doctor TOMB
He wrestled with oars, arriving here? ASHORE
Inspect boy covering over outstanding work CASELOAD
It’s clear police left uniform on top LUCID
Nimble mole overcomes resistance SPRY
Old bit of Lisbon that is toured by Brussels party ESCUDO
PC rings about source of random artwork on farm crop circles
Runway with struts? CATWALK
Saw dog restrained by lead PROVERB
Short county boxer’s married, Breton style SURREALISM
Star cast will include European stunner TASER
Stop work to phone Italian lady with Yankee call it a day
Taller ship picked up high priest HIERARCH
Tender chicken for one, not rook BID
Upset female carrying old books and old tool NEOLITH
Vamp never having time for leading lady EMPRESS
Waves down close to front, a certain sign of cold weather HAILSTONE
Yak from heart of Tibet needing whip to avoid area BLETHER