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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27243 January 9 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27243
Clues Answers
A diet not designed as a remedy ANTIDOTE
Close to nothing in charity that’s opening ALMOST
Cold dish using incomplete vessels (below and above water) SUSHI
Complaint caused by command from detective? DISORDER
Crack from unknown imbecile GOOFY
Crop top with short dart in front HARVEST
Desirable quality in grand name of literary siblings SITWELL
Gentle champion’s stopping stock conflicts wars of the roses
Heel’s neighbour caused anger after undressing ANKLE
I caught summer in Paris on a refresher ice tea
Jazzy music involving musical sense is promising SWEARING
Line that stops tongue moving, twisted in knots? SHOELACE
Man in promise to pay on time shows resolve iron out
Marshal calm when changing side repeatedly ARRAY
Men concerned with later life backing part of Mediterranean diet? OREGANO
Most like The Merry Widow being terribly stagey GAYEST
Oppressive old tyrant leading America ONEROUS
Outlaw’s unfeeling ring captures northbound travellers DESPERADO
Peace group requests soldiers possibly to protect brief retreat in quarrel unpleasantness
Principal substituting old boy for a family man MOBSTER
Reason males are excluded from rummage around ARGUE
Rolling fat? spare tyre
Short cannon’s middle-of-the-road rating MORTAR
Something ideal for jamming broadcast, in short CURRANT
Theatrical set, scary in play ACTRESSY
Trader’s tip diluted small change TWEAK
Trivial problem to fall between aristocrat and monarch no-brainer
Unaware of past uprising as some of America is, en masse AMNESIAC
Vegetable: wrap up portion SHALLOT
Watched and heard the writer with no hair EYEBALLED