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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27254 January 22 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27254
Clues Answers
Animal caught in field, hiding in grass POLECAT
Bit of fun deputising for poet LARKIN
Cake special, French produce outstanding BROWNIE
Can prisoner wander into ruin? powder room
Carrier of crockery needing milk container __ a little light? tea tray
Cart not far uphill? DRAY
Country in the money? GUINEA
Couple ending on floor __ that drink’s stimulating! BRACER
Did long study, returning after some time YEARNED
Division of junior educational establishment UNI
Egg container overturned NIT
Evidence of torture using birch, unseen chinese burn
Festival __ Easter is different, primarily EID
Gannet possibly going to pot, braised SEABIRD
Great being in Greece, where crisis was once reversible ZEUS
I agree to use all, by recycling ABSOLUTELY
Instrument, sort of light, twice recalled, with zeal played VUVUZELA
Law enforcer repeated phrase on book SHERIFF
Live current in force, one supposes BELIEVER
Message that’s wounding? This sitting on the fence? barbed wire
Old poet taking sherry regularly, dipping quills? SPENSER
Peninsula where river boat is, starts to the north IBERIA
Point or points to support ENDORSE
Queen after tipsy fellow drinking wine up __ this flavour? ELDERFLOWER
Resist US cash BUCK
Seed in fruit not reaching the ground? PEA
Showing standard plug, a number passed round On Parade
Stream runs poorly RILL
Top college official has always impressed islander cape verdean
Troubled mind at peace, set free EMANCIPATED
Vulgar type, instant trouble flash harry
Way correct for grasping a hand STRAIGHT