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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27255 January 23 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27255
Clues Answers
Alas you’re right to use horn on French street! too true
Bark associated with golden retriever? ARGO
Bird, first in oven, one having stuffed part ORIOLE
Busy hospital in Eton cured one patient on the job
Decrepit couple going on strike RAMSHACKLE
Fat soldier catching fish MARGARINE
Follow singular conversation? STALK
German banker resident in Heidelberg ELBE
Graduates find kippers here __ tucked in? BEDS
Hostile to royal household in battle AGINCOURT
Maybe one resisting turnover finds cake on counter ROLLBAR
Meat and toasted cake, no starters, help in reception ear trumpet
Pleasingly plump beast about to be snared by vagrant BUXOM
Potentially unsportsmanlike bowling hypnotised member UNDERARM
Present suppliers not entirely brilliant MAGI
Protein and energy supplied to number eleven? ELASTIN
Samoan, maybe large, prepared sardine outside ISLANDER
Scientist one found in ship after docking GALILEO
Scot cleaned out in tightest financial investigation means test
Sea slug sends horse back with one limb NUDIBRANCH
See City peak after job changes one opposes OBJECTOR
Show of charity by saint moved Paul’s audience GALATIANS
Single-breasted styles to suit this warrior? AMAZON
Skin layer from duck, breached by pressure spray briefly EPIDERMIS
Substitute monarch posed with Zulu ERSATZ
Tablet provided with article about enormous bird TROCHE
Turducken perhaps warmed up __ or not __ at spread portmanteau word
Wines given opening in naval base PORTSMOUTH
Woman dominant in right manner, shown up in game MATRIARCH