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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27261 January 30 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27261
Clues Answers
… but if south-facing, becoming much brighter UNLIT
A note in which a managing director’s put up someone for promotion ADMAN
A number of volunteers, note, commanded army? TENTACLED
A sweet accompaniment with dance, almost complete rum butter
Agent who gets back from sultanate with traveller repo man
Alternative cure handy for major complaint hue and cry
American hosts cool, reclining in mess as usual SNAFU
Big felines getting in step I am thinking PUMAS
Count on supervised girl being of high intellect? noble-mindedness
Demanding one stops person having sex change? EXIGENT
Displaying craft gift not enough? UNDERHAND
Dog, as it happens, getting back on couch BEDEVIL
Feeble old man, by Thursday at home paper-thin
Football team with mass appeal deliver MANUMIT
Freshness augmented by a brother’s flavouring SASSAFRAS
Garment frequently dropping off, could one say? NAPPY
Goes on green after driving off? PUTTS
Hard toenails troubled one in the shower HAILSTONE
Indian title of book one’s holding back SAHIB
Mature person, hiding the grey, to be honest own up
Member greatly respected long after the event? DOYEN
Miss warning put out on air SIGNORINA
Popular verse about teacher got top press billing hit the headlines
Runner who must find way round rotten tree in race, gutted ORIENTEER
Shrink with a vocation causing mayhem HAVOC
State prosecutor getting tabloid coverage SUDAN
Suffering: force for good later in composer GRIEF
Superior fruitcake boy’s kept to himself? Unuttered
Tinned meat from cow — and grouse bully beef
Was bothered by volume having increasingly narrow endpiece pintailed