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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27263 February 1 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27263
Clues Answers
Backwoodsman uses this road and sea transport, stabling horse BUSHCRAFT
Competitor in pool runs down in motor DIVER
Dishevelled Eastern ducks released close to boundary UNTIDY
Exotic plant explorer found on island MANDRAKE
Hotshot from Ritz regularly put in charge WIZARD
Hypocritical trendy church about to admit offence INSINCERE
Hypothetical element in current trade talk ideal gas
Iberian writer, fifty or thereabouts LORCA
In the midst of a commotion, grand lady’s holding fast ADHERING
Like a sloth carried into middle of sea ARBOREAL
Like ring a designer included in collection, after reflection TOROIDAL
Most divine fiction given coverage in Mass HOLIEST
Nth herring lost at sea, a must-see for Arctic cruisers? northern lights
One likely to drop stretcher and fly? LITTERBUG
Overcoming irritability, doctor’s on the move MOBILE
Previous drink knocked back, getting extra round BYGONE
Rear several deer on outskirts of city zone HINDQUARTERS
Remained sober on air STAYED
River flowing through the Broads EBRO
Scruple from catering officer holding up army lunch’s starters QUALM
Sleepers finally resent abuse MOLEST
Square one circle at random RECONCILE
The French see fuel in tank reduced by a third VOILA
There’s European support for island nation short of a missile GRENADE
They won’t last long: record time on edge EPHEMERA
Troubled OR man’s recent petition REMONSTRANCE
Two sailors on vacation have a restless night, perhaps TOSS
Upset at a politician’s money-raising strategy CAPITALISATION