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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27265 February 4 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27265
Clues Answers
A lot of meat to moisten with juices in pan LAMBASTE
Area roughly inside toy container tea caddy
Calm man’s after some smut SOOTHE
Charged about drug experience, having no gear STRIPPED
Clodhopper Garbo bungled lead in Ninotchka BROGAN
Delighted where financiers are still ECSTATIC
Deplorable state of poor sod __ a pity! DYSTOPIA
Drawing back, holding long tube TRACHEA
End of tyranny in good time in each revolution? YEARLY
English penned by historian, one leaving draft LEVY
English team needing authority, but not a crisis EXIGENCY
Enjoying suffering from stomach acid is so silly SADOMASOCHISTIC
Girl in lead circling till race’s conclusion PHOEBE
Give details of displaced person one took in EXPATIATE
Male with some guts shows force MOMENTUM
Might copy off entertaining figure POTENCY
One going on record wants pen, mostly drunk STYLUS
Our group are going to bother with a lot of funds well-to-do
Perform sport, or cheat thereat? DOPE
Pipe outside grand garden building? HOTHOUSE
Place for the old theorems to get renewed rest home
Place on phone record for mix of action and dialogue TELEPLAY
Scoffed before pal admits ‘I’m not sure how country may be run’ FEDERALLY
Slip and cloak worn by rogue female PRATFALL
Snippet is small, evidently SNATCH
Swish clothing provided in catalogue? CLASSIFY
Very obese queen’s dropped acid VENOMOUS
Vex one briefly slowing in speed IRRITATE
Visionary stifling a detainee’s threat, in the main sea power