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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27266 February 5 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27266
Clues Answers
Apparently retired city bishops spilt the beans BLABBED
British soldier back in prison BRIG
Case of Navajo and the sleep that never ends? Most curious! NOSIEST
Cold-blooded customers can make a canon sad ANACONDAS
Doctor has to sleep over in empty synagogue SPIKE
Expose oneself to copper wearing hip designer’s latest INCUR
Famous Liverpudlian flag, 50 for a penny LENNON
Get rid of priest, worried about mind finally failing ELIMINATE
Henry breaking policeman’s teeth CHOPPERS
I am a droll, outlandish creature ARMADILLO
I see Bacon wrongly getting great respect OBEISANCE
Idiot fiancé prepared for instruction EDIFICATION
It makes a loud noise and it smells HOOTER
Keep on smooching, being very close neck and neck
Make changes to what one eats, promoting energy EDIT
One who dishes out fast food to audience DONOR
Painter drawn to East End longing for some theatrics OPERA
Permissible in each game POKER
Process intended to avoid a course of drugs TREATMENT
Prophet rejected peculiar feature of the body SOMATIC
Restrict supply of booze? There’s a reason RATIONALE
Revolutionary man of the cloth, one swapping with European LENIN
Riots flaring in the middle of Dublin’s port BRISTOL
Strike ban announcement covering particular craft IKEBANA
Sweet given Her Majesty’s approval, perhaps a moneymaker royal mint
Teacher’s upset, being given single meatball RISSOLE
They mind the sultanas not being whole EUNUCHS
Top chap riding white horses well? SURFACE
Top-class Olympic venue reluctant at first to identify seducer LOTHARIO
Unique reason for not lighting up? MATCHLESS
Variable? I hesitate to say, I like it! YUM
Woman’s wedding announcement removed from case ANN