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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27271 February 11 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27271
Clues Answers
A big blow when visitor rejects hallucinatory drug GUST
A graduate with a research room in the Birmingham area? ALABAMA
Amount of writing covering European leader’s ancestry LINEAGE
An achievement, having units of poetry recited FEAT
Authorise retired military engineers to lock up prisoner EMPOWER
Case in which canon takes formal wear LAWSUIT
Charge for carrying horse resting in shade TONNAGE
Cultural traits unexpectedly shown by current clubs ARTISTIC
Curios thus gathering round maestro? VIRTUOSO
Dandy clutching large bomb FLOP
Executive area in feeding-place finally in regular use MANAGERIAL
Fantastic, one taking pledge __ an older relative! great-uncle
Fine-tune first of devices used in a fair ADJUST
He may have a hissy fit __ look! GANDER
Instrument from east associated with this country UKE
Intelligence steward deployed having worked in S African region WITWATERSRAND
Italian fellow’s extremely cool sound reproduction CLAUDIO
Large vessel initially unpopular with sailors URN
Maintain right for union leader to perform PERPETRATE
Malign ward supervisor entertaining at home SINISTER
Mature persons a police officer has arrested in the last month ADULTS
Mimic provided with Italian wine, possibly, before meal APERITIF
Old man developed seaside land for social venue palais de danse
Release a French set finally missing end of prep UNCLASP
Scot left during talk with, say, another Scot? GLASWEGIAN
Self-educator executed turn with American car AUTODIDACT
Society role played by an austere old Greek SPARTAN
Study used by English prime minister in the past EDEN
Throw rest out, returning most important fisherman’s trap lobster pot
University academic, a Times subscriber, perhaps? READER