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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27279 February 20 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27279
Clues Answers
American and British close relationship AMOUR
Analyse almost astronomical distance PARSE
Bashes in gent’s face, regrettably GALAS
Boss drinking port who carries out some services lay reader
Dance music performance on unicycle’s frame GIGUE
Dignitary and I see fool making comeback PASHA
Digs patch of earth, given great chance BEDSITTER
Drunk feeling of Parisian twirling in sparkly pair of capes light-headedness
Echoing musical notes ascending IMITATIVE
Fat guards not quite clothed providing foodstuff sugar beet
Give another order to bring up compass REARRANGE
Half-heartedly pamper mathematicians’ group COSET
Heads round front of battle lines OBVERSE
Honouring good maid, holding nothing back ENNOBLING
Itinerant person moving stock loses head ROVER
Lament online network going the wrong way DIRGE
Lie in a university hospital, digging into nosh FALSEHOOD
Overweight, mostly love taking it steady LARGO
Photographer I hesitate to say cut some wire paper clip
Pressure on business and finance area to show rapid development PRECOCITY
Put on coat for investigating in marsh FEIGN
Report on woman’s affair SHEBANG
Rocky pass, with one circling safe place to walk pelican crossing
Rogue American star inhales oxygen and no smoke son of a gun
Senses cool temperature in pants suit INTUITS
Side ripe for transformation welcoming United’s playmaker EURIPIDES
Spirits, or one that’s picked up DJINN
Swell clothing naughty wife’s cast off, having dressed down ticked off
Two places to save a designated victim ISAAC
Working girl, one showing restraint leg-iron