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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27285 February 27 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27285
Clues Answers
Booking calls for bands showing promise engagement rings
Bury New Street collects intermittently larger tax abroad internal revenue
Client fools river bird heading west CONSUMER
Commercial about Clio, say, was entertaining AMUSED
Crooked mountain top work shed BENT
Cut Mass among Anglicans before November CHEAPEN
Disputed science eastern genius devised to trap carbon EUGENICS
Driver glances at this stern opinion by paper rear-view mirror
Finished grant once, putting away too much OVERINDULGENCE
Force prisoners on coach CONSTRAIN
Girl defending Joe’s heartfelt complaint? ANGINA
He’s unlikely to recover unit in Greece GONER
Heather nursing English married couple’s rodent LEMMING
Old airline to circle course BEARING
Old still can be this good, but not fine GRAINY
One very dead strand ISOLATE
Potter stars rush around, keeping track NURSERYMAN
Producer of evergreen staple song retired pine nut
Protest as daughter gets posted DISSENT
Rocky pile of Irish tin boxes CAIRN
Sea mist masks no good planes here HANGAR
Secure temporary container for lighter, say LOCK
Silver was thus, on one side, hammered LEGLESS
Subtly introduce new form of annuities INSINUATE
Top Roman bishop in row with one American TIBERIUS
Transport minister meeting Russian? MINIVAN
Travel around eastern Maine to test some maths GEOMETRY
Violently hector and rail in speech RHETORICAL