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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27286 February 28 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27286
Clues Answers
Big gun given position in Albert Hall BERTHA
Break assistant initially employed touring the States PAUSE
Can, and reportedly used to, clean in German town wormwood scrubs
Church abandons whim to create popular resort CAPRI
Court order Bury police overturned on time INTERDICT
Dainty swimming aid used by the Spanish ELFIN
Design upset person painting flat PLANAR
Do least well: stop taking malt extract containing sulphur come off worst
Elated over German worker supporting former partner EXUBERANT
Everyone’s in debt keeping lab working: it’s permitted ALLOWABLE
Food shop transformed by caste in Leeds DELICATESSEN
Good woman accommodating learner with pleasure GLADLY
Hearty boatman’s beginning to steer towards the wind BLUFF
In Newcastle, popular liaisons: they were once described as naughty! NINETIES
Jumper mostly sported at entrance to tyre plant FLEAWORT
Knight dined in airport in sumptuous manner ORNATELY
Liberal introducing novel proposition LEMMA
Libyan port’s endless mist absorbed by boy soldier BENGHAZI
Material for gloves taken to court by English SUEDE
Nit-picking fellow going into favourite lines PEDANTRY
Prehistoric relic sons wrapped in metallic sheet FOSSIL
Quietly supported by act protecting western water plant PONDWEED
Rope-maker’s sibling briefly linked with notorious gangster SISAL
Rugby club used to be pretty successful at first WASPS
Sort of rock cake cooked by elderly wife? GREYWACKE
Surprisingly to us, a man spurns a rise in Greece mount parnassus
Tucking into ham, soldiers respond too forcibly OVERREACT
Way a person goes about with first bit of Southend rock SANDSTONE