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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27287 March 1 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27287
Clues Answers
A record returned in exchange for one bringing case PLAINTIFF
Central European’s great desire to adopt a Scottish name LUSATIAN
Comic way to scoff sandwiches JESTER
Displayed great relish with animated short shown in full SALIVATED
Dread holding broadcast back with light experimentation trial and error
Dutch people better off than us? other half
Fence, perhaps, close to historic castle CROOK
Happy for one to turn off raw data, but not entirely DWARF
Low section of arena __ dirt-cheap NADIR
Mounting appeal to Anglicans to reflect ECHO
Number keeping a slightly larger number back FAVOUR
Obscene gents had to be heard LEWD
One as it were who’d steal doctor’s name MONICKER
One piercing cry when heading off AWL
One raising game after broadcast quickly turned champion world-beater
Popular download having a charge that’s hidden? inapparent
Rigid, like traffic bollard that’s holding up so long CATATONIC
Roughly weld an unusual, unknown material for guttering? candle-wax
Shy artisan spending every second in the country SYRIA
Sign we’ve lost track of reference collection LIBRA
Simple time perhaps for children and youth of the fifties UNADULTERATED
Singular epithet for men STAG
Sprat eating fat at last, visibly indignant? BRISTLING
The writer’s potential, at first, for mischief IMP
This Yankee succeeds by right, indeed XRAY
Traveller books place somewhere new to put down roots REPOT
Ultimately cooled one’s temper in bar DISQUALIFY
Unexpected weaknesses that held boxer up? feet of clay
Unsavoury fancy junk those two eat a sweet tooth
Where player can appear fine having abandoned his fear? stage right