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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27290 March 5 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27290
Clues Answers
About to fetch round joiner for new launch rebranding
Ace performer’s way of working in study DEMON
As an animal one is in poor stable BESTIAL
Boy grabbing bear by the ears? Watch it! steady on
Chap that helps speaker to be heard MIKE
Charity event involved no perk? Sod’s law! sponsored walk
Finally did ritual dance in capital DHAKA
Frozen piece of Arctic lake captured by enemy FLOE
Hence flashes with meaning of religion after day in mountain aldis lamp
Hence Francis is one after church service, not the first ASSISI
Lawman leaving car briefly with child PARKINSON
Men cut and hold covering ORLOP
Militant American GP thrown out CAMPAIGNER
Not hard to damage sleeve ARM
Ocean floor, where first couple aren’t lying ABED
Open secret Charlie let out OVERT
Part of medical studies very important; it opens many doors skeleton key
Ready for play? Second drama, old college one in my case monopoly money
Relations are almost friendly KIN
Restorative ointment to wrap round tail, smeared and left sal volatile
Spits at hat? Sweet GOBSTOPPER
Stand German ale BIER
Swimmer bloody thoughtless? Not Ned DAMSELFISH
Town drive takes in different hotel ROTHERHAM
Unkindly emphasise bankruptcy, putting in small coin rub it in
Weakness regularly found in ship and other vessel soft spot
Wizard killing fifty old sheep MERINO
Youngster, small, getting much bigger STRIPLING