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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27291 March 6 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27291
Clues Answers
A girl suffering setback needs the ultimate in moral fibre SISAL
Athenian character’s black mark for wasting time SIGMA
Change of opinion regarding performance about-turn
Charge for trip SALLY
Cricket side embarrassed about fellow awaiting trial on remand
Cries from characters in trouble at school BLEATS
Female set of books a young lout’s written all over? ANNOTATED
Give convincing evidence of travel to exhibition go to show
Hot-headed and no longer worth quoting EXCITABLE
Large pad of hair behind back-to-front cap MATTRESS
Location of Jacob’s ladder? Not hard to see plant BETEL
Money the attraction that traps Conservative LUCRE
More dependable VIP protecting a French revolutionary STAUNCHER
One duck and another escaping from open vehicle SCOTER
One who is out and about SOMNAMBULIST
Poor performer upset and no longer fired up __ one dealing with jumbo? MAHOUT
Public individuals offering added nuances OVERTONES
Put off road trip, ascent being hazardous PROCRASTINATED
Report of the decline of first female spy EAVESDROP
Rodent, one being caught on a food dish RAITA
Second page reached by customer of paper that covers a wide area SPREADER
Soldier’s second mechanical device? GISMO
Sweetheart getting nothing achieved loved one
Time to start doing without has dawned, yes, sadly ash wednesday
Top criminal has turned cynical towards other people MISANTHROPICAL
Was in awe of agent holding attention FEARED
Wilder man of the stage? Yesteryear’s character leading fashion THORNTON
Woman needing a good comfy home for the most part AGNES