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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27298 March 14 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27298
Clues Answers
Architect left residing in loathsome country home? NASHVILLE
Avoid nothing DUCK
Case of demoiselle being into drink, is this? LADETTE
Coming across fish, old mog fed LOCATING
Country, note, surrounded by water POLAND
Desirable to roll up sail, out to drop anchor? BIJOU
Doctor on call : exactly the same? CLONAL
Expect trouble __ from a catfight? fur will fly
Farewell speech originally without conclusion? SENDOFF
Fine total SHEER
Fix trouble __ check parts fit DOVETAIL
I speed up and give impromptu, impressing conductor finally, Italian maestro giuseppe verdi
In sport, time is going fast HURTLING
Inexperienced competitor on river, is one’s concern great? INDUSTRIALIST
Insect finding crumb on each set of books white ant
Old king and tiresome infants initially play together TUTTI
One complaining when footballer’s grabbed hard Whinger
One moving quickly to secrete objects, petty larcenist primarily? SHOPLIFTER
Orchestral movement not working, give in down-bow
Overpriced establishment, bit common clip joint
Overwhelming success gets recounted ultimately in fiction LANDSLIDE
Plant life no better, all ending the wrong way for animal roe deer
Problem children ISSUE
Small and sweet, one’s eyed SPUD
Snatch and rip off fastener CHINSTRAP
Some training relative needs to pen sheep sit-ups
Star soldier, God of war ANTARES
Stretch too far above ladder OVERRUN
Through the ear, visitor took a shot GUESSED
Trader more vulgar, might you say? GROCER