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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27307 March 25 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27307
Clues Answers
‘‘Jaws’’ bound to be shown in empty cinemas CHOPS
A hundred and fifty European books, romantic? CANDLELIT
Abrasive guide appears around North Dakota SANDPAPER
Bouncer to try to win dodgy hearing kangaroo court
Brief message backing TV fundraiser Henry’s left NOTELET
Buff coach horse every so often OCHRE
Coconut oil prepared right away, primarily from this COPRA
Composer on holiday with another, eating nut OFFENBACH
Decline rent at university let-up
Eddy, top conductor, hogging large mike MAELSTROM
Got up tired, having lost energy WAKENED
Head of printing house fetched back painter (not English) behind picture book photograph album
ID of superior doctor in NW London area pin number
Junk plans to head west SPAM
Less smooth make-up runs, hard to stop ROUGHER
Like interpreter to invoice hosts in August, on returning BILINGUAL
Love to live in credit some weeks OCTOBER
Maybe Jersey Beer erected plant COWSLIP
Perfect lines to fill little volume MODEL
Pine tea chest’s contents ACHE
Salute archbishop opening mine PLAUDIT
Saw old man in a hotel with the general manager APOPHTHEGM
Small drinks on behalf of church team taking orders sales force
Some sailor upset pest controller rat trap
Temporary pianos evenly sited round old university pop-up
The French turning up cut down outside support under their own steam self-propelled
Unfortunate Tory leader packed in spring summit HILLTOP
Varied resources here to cover French study update refresher course