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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27311 March 29 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27311
Clues Answers
“Villa’s other half is hotel” shock ASTONISH
A fish makes one helping AIDE
Anxious to put name forward for bender KNEE
As creator, stick in more purple PRODUCER
Big gaps in a text used by church CHASMS
Dreary strips gone over in race MISERABLE
Find her at feeder, flapping? feathered friend
Fit pair of spectacles worn by N European hunchback RIGOLETTO
Hunter’s prayer has not succeeded ORION
I ask for a bun, rambling in the country burkina faso
King putting medal on official dress ROBE
Man of paradox omits nothing in branch of religion ZEN
Measuring device minus top still standing EXTANT
My word once accepted by renegade EGAD
Out of hospital, listen to chest ARK
Part of face turned down, on this? PILLOW
Raise a few daughters, or masses DEMOS
Responsible for some music not being free behind bars
Short skirmish in France that resistance can make shorter brusquer
Sleeping place has no value for little creature DORMOUSE
Society figure not one to suppress STRANGLE
Struggle for position in clubs toured by comic JOCKEY
Swimmers in teams chasing second place SILVERSIDES
The lead is mine, as hearts and diamonds are unlucky ill-starred
To be off the track could be deadlier DERAILED
Undercook or marinate no end — check beef regularly sous-chef
Unknown enemy dispersing: that can bring a reaction ENZYME
What do you think of a fight after hours that hurt? how about
With long, awkward limbs in aisle, left for Washington GANGLY