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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27314 April 2 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27314
Clues Answers
An agent from the West spoken of OXIDANT
Article on group having rehearsed play set piece
Barrister needing week to stuff chicken? LAWYER
Batting number eleven good, there for long while LASTING
Beer in the evening for this bird? NIGHTJAR
Boundless audacity beginning to irritate old academics EMERITI
Carefree bachelor having much flexibility BLITHE
Composer using silence can shut up john cage
Demon not the first to have capital FREETOWN
Discredit wife leaving prison NEGATE
Drivel for instance Paddy Ashdown put about? BILGE
Either one leaving medicine out in local ENDEMIC
Execution, murder and Girondist’s head DOING
Fruit, halved, originally seen in French school LYCHEE
Headdress so long one wears TIARA
Heavens above, such costs are very steep sky-high
Hector incensed at priest-in-charge THEOCRAT
How long one might be? LIFESPAN
Irish writer and musical craftsman oliver goldsmith
Keen to receive book shedding some light LAMBENT
Making excuse, do cut off a sexual urge ALIBI
No particular interest shown around republic GABON
One supplies accommodation where the Loire flows HOTELIER
Parched Napoleon wants doctor brought in bone-dry
People in need as British interpret policy BREADLINE
Person in red in Scottish dance coming out FLOWERING
Queues to go inside and drink lines up
Showing great dignity knocking the beer back REGAL
Time to expand later period in sport EVENTING
Why is the good and bad bittersweet? woody nightshade