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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27320 April 9 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27320
Clues Answers
A French location around one lake without nasty development? UNSPOILT
Acting as e.g. bishop in mitre, sing rousingly ministering
Cardinal is in taxi for return journey BASIC
Cheerlessly, unexcitedly cramping listener DREARILY
Chemistry graduate maybe who has seen soft ceramic as a possibility master of science
Detective has month in Paris, given welcome after losing heart MAIGRET
Diplomacy that is set up in country: you’ve got stuck in NEGOTIATION
End of sleeping? Wake up and grumble GROUSE
Finest clothes motorists get into eventually? top gear
First person meeting severe monarch may be a North American WESTERNER
Follow notice, hugged by escort SHADOW
Give the lie to smear DISCREDIT
Groovy drunk eats dirt STRIATED
Half of the people in our street make a beastly noise NEIGH
Having grabbed key, daughter ran out and went downhill? DESCENDED
He. engaging with us all, managed a style of communication we understand english language
I’m volatile in that place, the first to rise up ETHER
Island not traced? It’s given name, turning up in map book ATLANTIS
Jump. missing footing, and slide SKI
Manage at university __ so don’t ____ debts? run-up
Naive female at home, sincere, not trendy INGENUE
One may provide deal in beds with strong support externally scots pine
Part of Australia maybe with unusual language to convey code of honour BUSHIDO
Poor actors given boot finally and called “impaired” HAMSTRUNG
Snake biting girl, no end upset, in Italian house BORGIA
Thus belonging to the upper echelons makes a bit of money SOU
Uncertainty makes engineers abandon temporary fortification DOUBT
US President not entirely intelligent to come down to earth CLEVELAND
Women’s place to run after male? The opposite! HAREM
Yours truly’s shout of exultation after quiet dance SHIMMY