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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27321 April 10 2019

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Clues Answers
Adjacent to a hypotenuse? ALONGSIDE
Anticipated word of warning was withdrawn FORESAW
As bandage was for lesion? WOUND
Bird, big one in the sky DIPPER
Disturbance in court out of control RUCTION
Dreadful predicament in which one bishop joins another HORRIBLE
Exits works comes off
First pair eliminated in decider wrongly announced CRIED
Given requisite kit, doctor cured zoo’s last cat ACCOUTRED
Guru sitting on lawn in shade sage-green
Ineptly fail to put cap on? screw up
Less productive student lacking one of the basics? LEANER
Lie safely masked by dishonest leader NESTLE
Meadow inhabitant spinning dastardly webs? ladys bedstraw
Means of viewing men on campaign PROJECTOR
National beauty title for wife? MISSUS
Opportunities to study conditions TERMS
Peacekeepers negotiated without dressing untreated
Peripheral sportsmen criticise fighter’s reach, maybe WINGSPAN
Posh guest of HM returns, having previously left country PORTUGAL
Priest in government meeting king with more ceremony STATELIER
Profane Shakespearean cross-dresser emptied theatre VIOLATE
Provoke supporters on course verbally TEASE
Sack a blackleg, ultimately splitting party RAVAGE
Sorted out untidy state some sleepers prefer NUDITY
Special formulation said to be associated with The Times? LINCTUS
The third person’s one taking over after time THEIR
Three players introducing bridge complete legal document search warrant
Upbraids informer among queen’s workers? BERATES
Void article withheld from almanac, perhaps ANNUL