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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27322 April 11 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27322
Clues Answers
Article framed by extremely emotional woman ETHEL
Bags of writings showing no end of talent SCRIPS
Breeder providing accommodation for drones? BEEKEEPER
Certain type of singer engaging husband as page-turner THRILLER
Country river, one in central Russia RURAL
Courtyard right in centre of Goliath’s city GARTH
Deficiency of the Spanish sierra LOSS
Edicts primarily embracing the old will get you the gold bulls-eye
Employ Aussie truck to tour the Italian islands UTILISE
Excessive deliveries initially made at a London hospital OVERMUCH
Fast mover reversing army vehicle RACER
French city mayor originally adopting current travel industry TOURISM
Fur or feather stole, acquired in that city BOGOTA
Guy appearing in Weber opera ROPE
It sounds like a fruit tree? Exactly PLUMB
Naval officer’s place secured by rent-payer SUBLIEUTENANT
Newspaper mostly covering African party’s ritual OBSERVANCE
Old sailor readily assuming power __ Silver, possibly? salt spoon
Ominous, having shelter with spongy walls! PORTENTOUS
One appraises a couple of vessels taking gold round east ASSESSOR
Parts of theatres represented in Paris once PROSCENIA
Person driving oxen over island STEERSMAN
Put on play ultimately about key financier’s charlatanism MOUNTEBANKERY
Reportedly criticised exam absorbing one like a hobby? RAPTORIAL
Senior officer drinking in atmosphere in African capital CAIRO
Symbol English doctor associated with the Parisian Metro at first EMBLEM
The listener’s part in a murder resolved EARDRUM
Two bachelors in farm machine, one muttering incoherently babbler
What Smith may be doin’, we hear, being sure to win? shoo-in
Worldwide rules Ivan abused UNIVERSAL