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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27328 April 18 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27328
Clues Answers
A revolution on the horizon ARISING
Anticipate growth of planes etc, the entire fleet? FORESTALL
Archbishop in particular put away PRIMATE
Articles in the mess, alternating ITEMS
Bones in line, like back SACRA
Broadcast, like that on the radio? SOW
Card cheat of old KNAVE
First of pints gone in seconds, one can’t bend the elbow! TRICEPS
Flaw in entertaining British artist HOLBEIN
Flies partied, buzzing around DIPTERA
Grease smeared on brown trousers DUNGAREES
Header missed in tight draw LOTTO
Hypocrisy surrounding working issue in agreement CONSONANT
Infants pictured playing with umpteen toys, though irascible initially PUTTI
Jerk inside with dad, getting scorned DISDAINED
King wrapped up in short skirt TUT
Moreover, nation developed at a slowish pace ANDANTINO
Name game TAG
Occasional books inspiring me a bit ODDMENT
One in England missing out on defence ALIBI
Pretty decent leader in the throne room? good-looking
Put a lot in a tin for pets CANOODLES
River insect, slow mover to many watching? test cricket
Rubbish also is written on top of table in permanent marker? TATTOOIST
Run commercial on two lines RADII
Secure cages in, for each person controlling hounds whipper-in
She perhaps is in shorter novel about the origins of diverse peoples third person
Tavern has appeal, do you agree? INNIT
Upon which, catch cold STANDOFFISH
Warmer in Skegness, unusually SUN
Where brothers are taken care of? in order
Whistler painting attributed to Turner at first — that’s a bloomer TREFOIL