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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27333 April 24 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27333
Clues Answers
Aristocrat using good French in retirement NOB
Attend prison, leaving note for 1950s dropout BEATNIK
Carrier starts to ship goods, securing awfully bad deal SADDLEBAG
Carved toggle teens sported touring our country NETSUKE
Circles in which literary princess is offered culinary herb OREGANO
Crew beginning to digest a poem __ one by Kipling MANDALAY
Delaying getting accommodation for books, perhaps SHELVING
Detached territory, one with seaside feature spanning lake ISLAND
Draw attention to rebuff outside bank SPOTLIGHT
Exploit of daughter on river DEED
Fairly plump soldiers about to take a French course ROUNDISH
Geometrician rejected books, heading off one arguing in defence TOPOLOGIST
High-ranking old Turk’s aim visiting parts of Fife EFFENDI
It may be fired about 45 inches in temper PELLET
Limited view initially of girl missing point, hating some Brits ANGLOPHOBE
Miss Pecksniff, for example, showing wariness about appeal CHARITY
Naval force represented by rising male artist ARMADA
Old prison mother will inevitably visit, do we hear? MARSHALSEA
Outmanoeuvre Charlie, reluctant washer-up DISHCLOTH
Perpetrator of terrible crimes __ a soldier, possibly MISCREANT
Pirate captain twinkles, entertaining last of many children kiddywinks
Podgy head of company introducing partner CHUBBY
Port Wellington left before onset of engagement BOOTLE
Pure evil on the up! Not taken to court about it? UNSULLIED
Result of the writer supporting public business enterprise OUTCOME
Striking? Police officers are doing it regularly ARRESTING
Terminates alliances AXES
Trying experience of boy turning up during exam ORDEAL
Way to engage English class SET
Wicked one put out by my sneering? SCORNFUL