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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27337 April 29 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27337
Clues Answers
Cause harm to planet, not the first in system MAR
Dissenting group dropping original lawsuit ACTION
Farewell to the French about to depart ADIEU
Female hit hard by awful film swindle FLIMFLAM
Film everyone in wide thoroughfare wall street
Honest one managed to win on the nose
Indifferent in a way to quote raised APATHETIC
Loaf in old money? TIN
Monk astride large beast LLAMA
Number heading off fool my younger sibling our kid
Numerous staff close to embassy MANY
Overpriced close DEAR
Performer’s skill is evident at the end ARTIST
Periodical trouble working around ornamental tree MAGNOLIA
Play’s length also reviewed LOOT
Point out top equestrian SHOWJUMPER
Pot from medieval times? BC? middle-age spread
Pretty good food, reportedly FAIR
Pub with short lease, empty BARREN
Ready for posting? Private, ultimately, in a mad rush STAMPEDE
Scrooge has English note hidden in top drawer? EBENEZER
Set off from Berkshire college in time DETONATE
Slightly drunk warden, silly clown merry-andrew
Small vehicle, a black Beetle? SCARAB
Splendid agent aboard coach going north SUPERB
Valuable family piece the man and I left in vault? HEIRLOOM
Volatile fellow rounding on one preferring his own company lone wolf
Wave hat in race for skaters in New York? roller derby
Work on mock trial dummy run