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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27338 April 30 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27338
Clues Answers
A little error linked to steerage system, we hear SCINTILLA
A lot of bad weather has European country recalled in poem HAIKU
Baffles with method that produces performance floor show
Book raves about engaging in one time ritual OBSERVANCE
Call attracting attention about bone — antelope ORIBI
Chap leading sailors round very rural town MALVERN
Comment on resuming entering this answer? back to square one
Convey Duke’s challenge BEARD
Customs network, though diminished, will impound gold MORES
Detective happens to interrupt cunning chronicler DIARIST
Drinks in middle of week? Pass ELAPSE
Further encounter not so exciting after overthrowing chief REMATCH
Getting naked around end of evening is a suggestive move NUDGE
Guy with treated rash is getting purification CATHARSIS
Liberals work for upset in election POLL
Lout, behold, and daughter boarding helicopter CLODHOPPER
Medical supplier, graduate, included in that woman’s itinerary HERBALIST
Nearly all of soccer team is accepting new sport TENNIS
One who may be responsible for this minor smelting? IRONSMITH
Recording border line involves a long time? Not very long EPHEMERAL
Regular comment on a break in communications wish you were here
Respond to a study about time act on
Right thinking is captured in my nonsense, on reflection TORYISM
Satisfied after start of last month regarding length decimetre
Sea vessel about to have components switched U-boat
Some ready for place of confinement POUND
Sue’s dull discourse, clever PROSECUTE
Temperature attracting cheers in the sea in part of France BRITTANY
The others tie up, reversing for convenience? rest room
Writing one’s found in newspaper FIST