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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27340 May 2 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27340
Clues Answers
A small fishing boat returned every time ALWAYS
Bad actor vainly looking at the future CLAIRVOYANT
Charm of rogue flanked by a couple of supporters ABRACADABRA
Check reversing speed in road RETARD
Chinese space shot means quarantine tiananmen square
Conrad’s novel motors on in chaos NOSTROMO
Cunning regularly displayed by parrots ART
Fell back in space ROOM
Giant company supported by America admits defeat COLOSSUS
Hat comes adrift with open carriage PHAETON
Help to include right author FORSTER
I make good, to some extent EGO
Just stylishness gets left out FAIR
Landed respectable neckwear given by daughter PROPERTIED
Made up a story and was heartless LIED
Madness of king over leaving country MANIA
Make public concert attendance around middle of July PROMULGATE
Might piano add second instrument for gripping effect? FORCEPS
Old sultan’s envy, perhaps, about a young man SALADIN
Records judge is for hanging TAPESTRY
Resolved to include mint, say, in Australian beer SHERBET
Sign up for the famous indecent film covering canines? blue plaque
Start to devise style in office open-plan
Striking style of film, Renoir work of art is fun RECREATION
Three changed in multiplication with about that amount THEREBY
To do nothing and go back to risk regret is barely credible too good to be true
Walks over younger member of family STEPSON
Warm approval is out of place for vetting of books AUDIT
When to pen court decrees ACTS
Yield more than rock OUTCROP