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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27341 May 3 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27341
Clues Answers
A canine companion I must follow: one impressing audibly CHIHUAHUA
Bewilderment caused by this 60s rebel doing a U-turn puzzledom
Bombshell removed from casing for show EXPO
Crass family, friends and neighbours at the outset turned up NAFF
Damn charger lifting tail ACCURSE
Dance, lifting bottom in mock revelation APOCALYPSE
Death tally rising after hospital goes from a local area? ENDEMIC
Disaster team stopping to drink screw-up
Dutch painter has time for second mistake BOTCH
False report by Brit, maybe doffing cap SLANDER
General depot, but not housing, developed in Seville cover-up? orange-peel
Handle collection autograph album
Love-potion, extremely acidic, taken by Ulstermen off and on PHILTRE
Lying PC number twenty-two, extremely corrupt procumbent
Make up for mistake by Head introducing one EXPIATE
Nice day for reporting religious leader MAHDI
Noble exercises for rising when received by exquisite maiden peer of the realm
Note Universal about to secure bold double act laurel and hardy
Nuts about old exhibit, sculptor’s first CASHEWS
Open University taking lead on nuclear energy UNZIP
Shows hosted by Angevin, c’est-à-dire EVINCES
Small film of chief criminal FICHE
Tags celebrity, one quitting exercises NAMEPLATES
Take lead from great boss UMBO
Tea-time waffle? CHAT
The details for workers on estate? MECHANICS
When to pay for past 24 hours of audit? day of reckoning
Yawned, struggling to eat too much chicken WYANDOTTE