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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27343 May 6 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27343
Clues Answers
All family members at home in Scots island? OKINAWA
An extra page a day for teachers INSET
An officer captures great many soldiers: share in growing concern? ALLOTMENT
Answer, having put question raised for writer AESOP
Assistants leave after a day in Rome aides de camp
British poet remaining inside association BROTHERHOOD
Can’t do without Tyneside newsmen? NEEDS
Character from Titanic chasing duck OMEGA
Chubby figure on stairs is routed put to flight
Devil an individual among many at Westminster? IMP
Do as pigs needing to cross dale regularly SWINDLE
Ecstasy stashed in load in van LEADING
Essence discovered in letter backing Lackland’s one EPITHET
Faroe lady brewed booze __ in no short measure! yard of ale
Fellow’s admitted to bull in work THESAURUS
Left religious painting unfinished that’s covered entrance PORTICO
Main investor brings port __ it’s often chilled! ARCHANGEL
Moderately Conservative name expelled by Left WET
None sitting in dining-room: little point in celebration HALLOWEEN
Note parking concession SOP
One enters wild land to produce chivalric code BUSHIDO
Poles to stop one footballer moving ball INSWINGER
Preacher round north finally sated with beer and cheese WENSLEYDALE
Runs one later scrambled in test, after failure in first RETRIAL
Seconds for good child SPROG
Shining helmet worn by copper travelling north LUCID
Shouts that queen must visit food packing plants CANNERIES
Small amount shortened performance returned DOT
Spotted scavenger bringing money into Hawaii HYENA
Technology about to appear in time for nation ERITREA
Tree-dweller in shade endlessly ORANG
Wrong about daughter in game, but having no issue CHILDLESS