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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27347 May 10 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27347
Clues Answers
… a lift to his opposite number? ELEVATOR
Act to help penurious soldier, 20, to catch Irish girl poor law
After a hellish experience, refusing to drink old liqueur AMARETTO
Alias agent used in part of this country east anglia
Came by bike? Or by boat? Or motorway, if picked up? RODE
Cold War leader’s fall within a month .. ANDROPOV
Damage shower, adjusting cold tap: endless grief Price Tag
Daredevil coming up, briefly, to perform again ADVENTURER
Girl is deaf, missing tips ANTHEA
Give impression of being keen on probe look into
Given time, one’s inclined to accept one’s daughter IMPRISONED
He met Agnes sneakily in the garden GETHSEMANE
He passed on watch in return for old coin OBOL
It may stand in the way, note STET
Latin local glad as opponent’s showing up POSADA
Letting go right before audience, person who flourishes WAIVER
Objective of criminal carrying weapon BALANCED
Old bags one put in train, turning up somewhere in Pacific MICRONESIA
Opera, one performed without me love! IDOMENEO
Potentially dangerous steps end with cowards running sword dance
Punch back of leg and hide box calf
Rarely seen clasps can bind? ENSLAVE
Shots that some doctors give, bending over NIPS
Something to blow about, primate’s handling large fine Cor anglais
Sort of track something boring, if listened to all-weather
The solver emphatically in good form? YOURSELF
These linguists are keen gardeners? diglots
What the righteous have initially got going, gradually NOSING