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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27350 May 14 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27350
Clues Answers
Ace, endlessly gloomy, has nothing lovingly expressed AMOROSO
Agreement to impose restraining influence on prisoner CONCORD
Appealed, having switched sides, for subs DUES
Artful nude, terribly dishonest Fraudulent
Attempted to get lid off box of delights? TROVE
Bit of skeleton encountered west of a Turkish city METATARSUS
Caution about English __ result of much study? WEARINESS
Charlie departing for good in order to get academic award DEGREE
Claim poet is misguided, having old-fashioned ideas about the stars? PTOLEMAIC
Crowd departs on journey lacking purpose? DROVE
Democrat in running to be US President once HARDING
Destructive fly makes one terrified FRIT
Disruptions __ music-maker is not playing VIOLATIONS
Drink in African camp LAGER
Exposing cleric somewhere in London REVEALING
Fellow works to produce plan MANOEUVRE
He has batted in cricket match briefly __ in struggle for this? the ashes
Helicopter heading off, one making short trip? HOPPER
Hiding pain, the Parisian wastes away languishes
Kind of average temperature after spring well-meant
Make listener listen finally EARN
Male leading Queen, an experienced performer STAGER
No time for stifling expression of disgust, revealing nothing NOUGHT
Orthodox believer possesses half-formed notion HASID
Piano player ultimately avoids Chopin’s pieces maybe PRELUDES
Place for three men in a boat, reported author MARLOWE
Plant for making mixed drink SHRUB
Precious one getting lost somehow gets back RECOUPS
Problem with electricity supply has firm in torment SCOURGE
Shopping facility everyone’s found by motorway MALL
Team on top of list? One could be up against the wall! side table
The French officer retreats, becoming confined LOCAL