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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27351 May 15 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27351
Clues Answers
Arrive holding prize dessert dish COMPOTE
Bank handsome victory on beach? goodwin sands
Diamond in box king left queen SPARKLER
Disadvantage with very good pen CONFINE
Enduring bachelor involved in giving help ABIDING
For mine, aluminium is wastefully extravagant PRODIGAL
Husband and wife coping with tailing vehicle moving in the outback bushwhacking
Knowing bachelor is bound to be high up in church ARCHBISHOP
Mean storm follows hail AVERAGE
Not captured outside Mons initially is correct UNMISTAKEN
One who’s affected position over Europe POSEUR
Order for copter to stop flying in German island HELIGOLAND
Part of film is material for audience REEL
Philosopher works? MILL
Progressive splitting around in-patients’ toilet? forward-looking
Quick and effective line out of Dutch city DEFT
Republican leads top-secret rolling review RETROSPECT
Showing due respect to Channel islands over hard water area ICECAP
So to hers excitedly around nine in cowboy gear? six-shooter
Some returned in carriage TRAP
Stand across from top amusement park attraction BESTRIDE
Stone, plastic or zinc ZIRCON
Story by Scheherazade, perhaps, nearly a real treasure one in a thousand
Terribly artsy Romeo with many famous actors STARRY
Torch English home — note what then appears? fire engine
Unhappy about hard run DASH
Wartime operation ended by Kitchener, perhaps OVERLORD
Water in a boggy place, mostly AQUA