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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27352 May 16 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27352
Clues Answers
A disarmingly beautiful work of art? Venus de Milo
As noise all around here, opt for a change in sound STEREOPHONIC
Asian’s heading to the Far East, heart of big country HAITI
Clean without water NEAT
Control speed rounding bow of naval ship HARNESS
Craft used near submarine UNDERSEA
Double to host a US writer TWAIN
Drinks guzzled by band, performance taking off STRIPTEASE
Food in some countries the same, or different HORSEMEAT
Footwear __ a slipper? ice-skate
God’s first son on Jesus’ first morning? ADAM
Harpy’s head covered by artist with a plant DAHLIA
Motorway madness? See it to believe it? MIRAGE
Music genre, origins in sunny Kingston apparently SKA
Nation grew, say, every second? RWANDA
Number Ten at sea, this proving disastrous ANAESTHETIST
Off masking pretence with it, a hanger-on? STALACTITE
Possible mafioso’s crime __ receiving lashes? SICILIAN
Possible range, to some degree as far as it goes
Recent parts more distant, one’s out of touch flat-earther
Residence fitted with old loo __ why? how come
River where coat hauled up CAM
Score also broadcast as mark made on pitch twenty-two
Shackle on press leg-iron
Significant relation TELLING
Small harbour without locks SHAVEN
The spirit of Trafalgar, Magna Carta ARMAGNAC
Trousers with hole repaired, tailor initially wears the trousers! rules the roost