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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27353 May 17 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27353
Clues Answers
A piece of oral evidence turns up describing part of mouth VELAR
A recluse hosts male welfare worker once ALMONER
Arrange scores or bust judge ORCHESTRATE
Audibly demonstrates contempt for sauce BOOZE
Author’s lyrical work lacking effort POE
Bar culture somehow related to consumption tubercular
Committee adviser bridles at pundit COMMENTATOR
Does salt always stick to this big dish? main course
Fatuous one follows papers to do with hearing IDIOTIC
Firm in the past briefly occupying island CONCRETE
Food item with rocket on top VIAND
Former Bond loaded with what’s needed for passion EXCITEMENT
Garrulous, like a TV lunatic absorbing atmosphere TALKATIVE
I must display energy in different ways EGO
In Yorkshire, the tavern that provides lifts? T-bar
Last pair abandoning fashionable, ill-fated mission ALAMO
Marine line’s pump PLIMSOLL
Missing leader, draws lots OODLES
Put off foreign one wearing old hat DAUNTED
Ray comes across right word to help concentration MANTRA
Ring head about one dope OPIATE
Runner goes around a Munro SAKI
Second pin number maybe in A&E AIDE
Single-digit growth worried one in the end TOENAIL
Sort of square rings on top of that TOO
This writer’s pursuing very old man’s case VOCATIVE
To surpass in work, I trust mobile OUTSTRIP
Twice loses unemployment benefit? Just that! DOLE
Where to put post and support shrub pillar box
Woman possessed a nut found among bananas MAENAD
Yield from a mine drilling copper overdue CAPITULATE