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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27356 May 21 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27356
Clues Answers
“Full English” after salesman gave permission? REPLETE
A tobogganist turning up on track — as he must train? REGULARLY
Ambitious, like country engaged in part ASPIRANT
British troops enter pub, naturally! INBORN
Chunk of zinc is originally for cutter INCISOR
Collect sportsman swapping sides PRAYER
Criticise the German in airport making a mess DISORDERLY
Different one in Paris Match UNEQUAL
Does perhaps put off removing centrepiece DEER
Exaggerate European doctor touching designer up EMBROIDER
Fly beyond remaining fire OVERSHOOT
German bloke obeying regime DIETER
Groom blow-dries mare’s tail to relieve of dirty bits BOWDLERISE
Heading west, disciples blunder slip up
Jazz hit BOP
Leave with drunkards and disappear go walkies
MC in circus starring me doing acrobatics RINGMASTER
Partition eastern gym, cracking problem SEPTUM
Plug more suitable after another sort of plug ADAPTER
Poet beginning to speak and think in French SPENSER
Priest, say, cutting one abhorrent benefit PRIVILEGE
Proceeds north into each circle, then south EARNINGS
Short grave type pursuing queen TOM
Singer mentioned legendary rock SCYLLA
Syrian money: in older times one note PIASTRE
The Caymans ordered to expel European sailor YACHTSMAN
The orator’s unfortunate complaint sore throat
Theatre boss inspires first of three caviar suppliers STURGEON
Veto law to do with deliveries at Lord’s? OVERRULE
Web image maybe of impressive proportions? EPIC