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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27358 May 23 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27358
Clues Answers
Aliens making cross signs? little green men
American impressed, having obtained meat GIGOT
Base wickedness is torment BEDEVIL
Bounty, a big ship LARGESS
Carried round sick, not interested in choice of food bill of fare
Cockney’s claim to be tough turned into emotional scene DRAMA
Demanding couple in a hurry should stop short ARDUOUS
Farm animal to lumber behind SADDLEBACK
Freezing membership fee with love SUBZERO
Gravity is an attractive quality ACUTENESS
Irresponsible workers intimidate youngsters COWBOYS
It follows tentative demand to leave? ERGO
It leaves from the city, not Darwin, going west down train
Like the idea of women’s clothing? For men, this could be fancy dress
Make arrest, concealing good evidence of professional standing dog collar
March hard, not softly, over two crosses in battleground stamford bridge
Moving fast, only lock part of church? flying buttress
Newly-developed browser over years taken up YOUNG
No matter what, remove roof only if rotten for love or money
People of the New World are allowed to answer MAYA
Planted in tub, one ace bloom POINSETTIA
Small frog in basket SHOPPER
Some football and a little drink HALF
Such an immigrant I will say a high-flier ILLEGAL
To seize area, have entered with violence AMAIN
Train as flexible worker ARTISAN
Vision reduced, sound miserable SIGH
What actor carries: handle for part of engine propshaft