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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27359 May 24 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27359
Clues Answers
Absolve Gaunt beginning to suffer in church CLEANSE
Anointed priest rubbished Calvinist doctrine PREDESTINATION
Attack in surfacing French submarine? AMBUSH
Attention brought to monk on line in Essex? EARLDOM
Blockhead with additionally busy diary to announce? MORON
Body part up on sort of cross THIGH
Court instrument always finding criminal? RACKETEER
Disinter old philosopher EXHUME
Does this accurately describe old city bar? URBAN
Dream about restraining one drunk fighting civilians MILITIA
Firms given answer making drink from beans COCOA
French cheeses discussed for picnic BREEZE
Greek hero recognised in Florida and Georgia? THESEUS
Green light in spare room CLEARANCE
Le Fanu? Who scandalised the educational establishment? SHERIDAN
Love being by sea with musicians, it’s something with pull one-armed bandit
Military equipment manufactured in real time MATERIEL
Not so fast! Ton-up
One admiring literary family to blow top do ones nut
One settles score as compared with English in rage AVENGER
Pass close to Awatere Fault ELAPSE
Prince with one and only __ a tasty swimmer! HALIBUT
Provide entertainment and grub without support CATER
Recorder would accommodate this tortuous test case CASSETTE
Scribe translating verse in vacated cellar SCRIVENER
Second European to travel through Spanish city SEGOVIA
Song complete that’s elevated one assisting 25 ARIADNE
Steps taken to make an apology? excuse-me
Stews, with son stuck in politically volatile areas hot spots
Watch government bringing in muscle SPECTATE