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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27362 May 28 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27362
Clues Answers
Bureaux and top-rank clubs invested in bottled spirits? AGENCIES
Circlet with tiny casing that delights me WHOOPEE
Customary small drink drained daily STEADY
Delivers sweets no longer on the menu drops off
Descent made by majority at end of rope LINEAGE
Economic system I represent, perhaps? free enterprise
Extra violin part you might have at La Scala? RAVIOLI
Female with band having an edge FRINGED
Feminine counterpart of stag party, bride’s last DOE
Following shot, retreat’s ordered BIDDEN
Glimpse errand boy’s narrow escape? SEEPAGE
Highly imitative journalism, spiteful type COPYCAT
Imperial measure that most anglers use ROD
Increasingly unbalanced cask carried up bank NUTTIER
Is dieting on crackers its cause? INDIGESTION
Legal appointee’s administrator leading seminar: not the first time EXECUTORIAL
Letter from the Balkans, far from neutral PHI
Makes off with socks SWIPES
Mole, tailed, sits atop ditch JETTISON
Person with little boats oddly banned by port have-not
Preserve support after biblical queen briefly deposed king james the second
Privacy I lost, due to reform SOLITUDE
Sailor included in total recovering from attack? out and about
Suitably clad doctor saying nothing dumbly
Top tennis sites where there’s likely to be action crown courts
Ultimate sale bargain apparently worthless good-for-nothing
What martial arts trainer needs for beginners? MAT
What’s cooking? Silly rhetorical question unruly tots ignored quiche lorraine