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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27363 May 29 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27363
Clues Answers
Better access securing backing for woodworker’s craft CARPENTRY
Bones a girl finally broke grabbing end of wall ULNAE
Cap charges for clothing new son, a royal crown princess
Castigator denied swapping sides DENOUNCER
Communication left in European skiing area EPISTLE
Conductor’s chosen way to be announced ELECTRODE
Conflict dividing city mostly on the sheltered side LEEWARD
Dashed over to save animal shelter wearing away ERODENT
Diamond is article giant bird’s swallowed TROCHE
Draw game? He painted frescoes and altarpieces TIEPOLO
Flying mammal healthy cricketer observed, disturbed by game fruit bat
Ghostly atmosphere always hanging over island loch EERINESS
Graduate in drama school gaining name fast? RAMADAN
In retrospect it heralded support for the church TITHE
Letter and old poem about Islamic territory EMIRATE
Liable to mishaps, confounded doc with recent pain accident-prone
New layout of back row designed to exclude centre REARRANGEMENT
Nymph originally nameless before getting identification NEREID
Performer meddling in movie at first with little hesitation MIMER
Prognostication connected with terribly bad stomach ABDOMEN
Rapturous new sect __ Greek, by the sound of it ECSTATIC
Reporter’s right to interrupt person cited in divorce case CORRESPONDENT
Scam exposed by theologian dipping into dossier FIDDLE
Source of protein politician fed to pet? CAMEMBERT
Travel firm covering area producing crested bird TOURACO
University lecturer’s back after a second affair AMOUR
Wild dog old Yankee kept in small shelter COYOTE
Woman associated with revolutionary king ETHELRED