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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27364 May 30 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27364
Clues Answers
A sponger wandering around a house of prayer? PARSONAGE
Animal in river in Derby? HART
Carriage may be heard in this entrance GATE
Cover girl, say, crossing street, unknown character in low-key fashion MODESTLY
Drug has unusual chemical compound POTASH
European hero in American adventures FINN
Friend’s final letter __ is message contemptuous? DISMISSIVE
In a sort of cell a month after the French Revolution GERMINAL
Initially, some prisoners will get support for climbing __ to be this? SPRUNG
Kid maybe gets duck killed, producing gun GAT
Knight’s gamble protecting queen, right? BANNERET
Landed outside tax haven zone, not against the law LICIT
Lively church faced with examination VIVACE
Making a good escape, requesting cover SKIN
More than one brutal person keeps stealing silver SAVAGES
NE natives, poor city-dwellers VENETIANS
Oily substance that’s spicy but not soft you ultimately absorbed UNGUENT
One of a group of painters, six, entertained by German play FAUVIST
Person protecting English fort in a task involving many workers BEEKEEPING
Put out a note for Aussie tree-climber KOALA
Relations at home hugging doctor, most important person KINGPIN
Runner, 21, failing to finish SKI
Scare, being loud? Correct FRIGHTEN
Should do anything we’re told OUGHT
Stars and soldiers joining army of peace MENSA
Stuff provided by salesperson REP
Sweet performer admitting fluff, finally added something for desired result fudge factor
Underwater explorer affected by mild pain in a funny sort of way? divertingly
Upsetting Santa, young people who have problems to deal with? agony aunts
What gets one amazingly alive for embracing a female? love affair
What may deaden sound in room for lecture? CARPET