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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27514 November 21 2019

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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27514
Clues Answers
A couple of lines in dreadful poem BALLAD
A rule I instilled in fellow African MALAWIAN
Agree artist makes a fabulous creation CHIMERA
Almost indisposed to show up, coldly received UNWELCOME
Argument from Conservative whip CLASH
Be overambitious, sacking Romeo from production of tragedies get ideas
Classic of the Chinese to install bible for church in Washington IRVING
Consuming mineral, I love being hostile INIMICAL
Engaged by English paper, I turned up in use
Facade awkwardly flat, no rustication initially in it FRONTAL
Finally appear with one dropping round security equipment SHREDDER
Finally arriving in Stone, a Midlands town RUGBY
Full of energy, social worker makes progress at work CAREER
In parliament, stand up to remove one waving a trumpet DAFFODIL
Integrated student drinking beers at clubs COALESCED
Intolerance in art-house, head finding a new position ALLERGY
Model of Parthenon, say, consuming a ton TEMPLATE
Not burning to be incorporated into new text EXTINCT
One in the sea grabbed by crazy fool MISLEAD
Perhaps foundation of the universe cracked by alien COSMETIC
Plan to plunge Indian city into dark DIAGRAM
Refuse to kill American, a Liberal OFFAL
Remarkably unfailing growth that is easy to secure low-hanging fruit
The retreat from Moscow? DACHA
The undoubted leader? definite article
Tricky part of climb, perhaps, needing some spare tents ARETE
Vainly seek suit for Londoner WHISTLE
Very funny appeal by a young girl booked LOLITA
Wouldn’t agree to be given another meal without our people REFUSED
Your band playing as a four, sometimes two more BOUNDARY