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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27657 May 6 2020 Puzzle Answers

Published in The Times Cryptic Crossword.

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27657
Clues Answers
5 dads drink pass up
A ship, eg, circles different parts of our canals OESOPHAGI
Almost the perfect place for a fling HEAVE
Appropriate header concealed from user adopting online search? SEQUESTER
Auntie half-heartedly backed naval officer making music BEBOP
Band at funeral threw a wobbly WREATH
Compounds charged in red light district? TARTRATES
Count, maybe low, swollen by one BASIE
Crossword setter, maybe, having to receive gold medal WORDSMITH
Demanding second book HARDBACK
Drawing, a large Lowry, perhaps Irish remarkably all square
Fish from can to cook, recently gutted john dory
Imposing spell of tyranny after cutbacks LOFTY
Indoors, surprisingly, could be damper SORDINO
Item of property as result of gossip changing hands CHATTEL
Leave sometime, not fast EXEAT
Occasions for choosing before once between judge and new attorney REFERENDA
Particles of dry grass crossing a river beneath mountain alpha ray
Personnel one has included in Solicitor at Law’s contract SHRIVEL
Pieces, all the same length, needed for decongestant MENTHOL
Potentially miss appeal appearing in paper SUSAN
Practise children’s game with energy and fondness DOTAGE
Purchaser’s place to keep stock of audition BUYER
Record hosts fail to keep to CLOSED
Refrain from having key cut ESCHEW
Sailors at ball drink up ABSORB
Step from carriage on way through town STAIR
Still a sort of fat found in fried bread HUSHPUPPY
The rest of the players could make them fail half-time
To live without you close for so long! bye-bye
Try present with one label round give it a go
Twice a year, wife brings fruit PAWPAW