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The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27760 September 3 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Times Cryptic Crossword.

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 27760
Clues Answers
A French vessel in sea, lacking identification UNMARKED
Accord Henry a new position in church ARCHDEACONRY
Barbed prong finally penetrating judge of advanced years JAGGED
Concept everyone associated at first with papers IDEA
Crane-like bird Turkish commander found by main road AGAMI
Entice police chief initially developing freedom in lines poetic licence
Fairly sour press employee caught dipping into grant SUBACID
Fellow in doorway __ painting, possibly? PORTRAYAL
It’s measured along a meridian, in the main nautical mile
Loyalty from a duke thus, protecting queen ADHERENCE
Man following retired woman’s turn of phrase IDIOM
Measure of liquid bridge-player put in large vessel GALLEON
Naval officer, one with two daughters in motor yacht MIDDY
One demonstrated a crystalline compound ISATIN
Overheard to whimper like a baby, being cross? MULE
Person investigating an American man on board? CHECKER
Podginess of English male with good French cape EMBONPOINT
Pounds invested in women’s area in New York district HARLEM
President at bar, next to a flower arrangement IKEBANA
Stupid aspersion in speech, gradually losing force DIMINUENDO
Took risks __ kicked bucket across entrance to crescent DICED
Touring Rhode Island, old lover carries minute scarlet flag ORIFLAMME
Uncontrolled emotion blowing up this year HYSTERIA
Unemployed debt-collector bitten by ruddy insect! REDUNDANT
Union leader in public vehicle getting over a shock TRAUMA
Wasted time supporting unmarried female writer MISSPENT
Woman runs business, one conveying messages by air carrier pigeon
Work with miners cutting top of oak tree LABURNUM