The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28042 July 29 2021 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28042

Clues Answers
Approve remark with one final change COMMEND
Bad behaviour initially stamped out, but not stopped going on
Be deluded, giving order to heal lunatic HALLUCINATE
Buzzer wasn’t loud? WASP
Chaps in rags GUYS
Current collector’s chart on seasonal entertainment PANTOGRAPH
Director wants George to introduce boy and two neighbours at play orson welles
Excelled with way to crack homework: cheating! DISHONESTY
For each piece of leather husband, avoided strong chemical PEROXIDE
Generosity in debates about reformed senate considerateness
Get better to lay bet off again RECOVER
Gets bigger flags, dropping one RISES
Greek and another European secure trouble-free route to top job? greasy pole
Hangman perhaps dispatching old Punch NOSER
Laying out corpse, used correct legal form due process
Clues Answers
Like a councillor to be tree-crazy ALDERMANIC
Marconi for example on Isle of Wight holiday, forgetting a name INVENTOR
Military vehicle hummed, emitting sulphur TANK
Near iconic manoeuvring of ancient politician ciceronian
No evidence of bits of grain in grass HEARSAY
One night in Montreal: I’ve come a long way south? INUIT
Parties at hotel making money DOSH
Plant maize occasionally at the side of a pasture AZALEA
Pressure was frightening, felt by dog? PAWED
Stage carpenter may be in a jam QUINCE
Was briefly unconscious of animal tipped to win CATNAPPED
With stick, finally force waste away PINE
Yank coming across hard and tough THUG
Young, run vigorously in protected area green belt

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