The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28043 July 30 2021 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28043
Clues Answers
A barrister recalled eponymous heroine before 6 once ack-emma
Breeder runs many dodgy houses I hesitate to say NURSERYMAN
Butt from corner disposed of outside area HOGSHEAD
Celebrated dynasty SUNG
Diverts variety acts with half of recording? turns aside
Face villain failing to initiate exchange DIALOGUE
Faithful friend concealing Conservative party’s latest fraudulence QUACKERY
Forcibly conditioned with art, not love? INDOCTRINATED
Forest close to airport burning ARDENT
I’m off to appraise housing development ESTATE
Innovative artists in revolutionary city flourish new wave
Last of seamen to swig drink NOG
Leader leaves men in dry shelter TENT
Missile turned over HQ, crossing river TORPEDO
Mr Ed supporting son who’s standing provokingly? stalking-horse
My investment company’s base i say
Nonconformists waste nothing they say REFUSENIKS
Nosily picks up small coins SCENTS
Not always where top columnists work? at times
One grazing animals gets air exercising agister
Pals inspiring another’s schemes MACHINATES
Pioneering Russian paper set up in advance GAGARIN
Provocative church featured in local chronicle INCENDIARY
Rugby player hits low note, roughly a fortnightly occurrence half-moon
Ships seized by war-mad admiral? ARMADA
Strikers on team? Not likely! OUTSIDE
Turned back, being hurt again? REWOUND
Twelve back-to-back refusals NOON
Vagrant blacked out a lot BUCKETLOAD
Wrath in country deprived of land IRE

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