The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28045 August 2 2021 Crossword Answer

The Times – Cryptic – Times Cryptic No 28045

Clues Answers
A bird of prey almost picked up fish food? ALGAE
A sign Alec’s tinkered with opiate maybe ANALGESIC
Arrogant type stumped in superior role UPSTART
As eg badgers do around corner, at least initially NOCTURNAL
Bishop’s in helping disheartened lady nonstop ABIDINGLY
Brief information about where to find pulse POD
Cleaner drinks tea with second customer PURCHASER
Discharge erstwhile gym class learner EXPEL
Expert opens a new version of Pinafore APRON
Green snubs Conservative following papers based on beliefs IDEOLOGICAL
Hot food and medical gear taken in for each working unit PEPPERONI
Jaunty officer, one spearing fish LILTING
Left one in big band somehow playing without notes ad-libbing
Look into reason for place to get a lift? ground floor
Met perhaps Oscar, a traveller heading west OPERA
Monkey or ape scratching companion IMP
Clues Answers
Mount set, doing without ring GELDING
New York city’s cheese supplier BUFFALO
Old relative sheds pounds? A lot less than that OUNCE
Page one article about clothing? I ask you! PRITHEE
Pity husband’s deserted stag party? RUT
Plea’s outcome, possibly a foregone conclusion no contest
Polish force that is defending point FINESSE
Poulenc’s last score ended dramatically — thus? DECRESCENDO
Raised fish I had netted in Home Counties sheltered area lee side
Some suitably rich lines LYRIC
Time to muse ERATO
Tough material in gas ring or stove GROSGRAIN
Trees lose weight, that’s true YES
Trouble a couple of females, soundly defeated AFFLICT
Tweet approach shot crossing third in Turnberry CHIRP
What aging philosopher did, possibly, showing no consideration? THOUGHTLESS

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